Visual writing prompts # 4 – Wonderland, by Kirsty Mitchell

Photographer Kirsty Mitchell, whose mother passed away from brain cancer in 2008, decided to create a series of Wonderland photographs and dedicate them to her mother’s memory.

The results are amazing. With some photos taking five months to make, and Kirsty waiting up to a year to find the perfect setting for each shot, the series is breath-taking.

Not normally one for short-stories about faeries and other fantastical creatures, I can’t help finding Kirsty’s photographs inspiring. My favourites are “Spirited Away” and “Lady of the Lake”, I think, but it’s hard to choose from so many amazing pictures. I think Kirsty has done her mother more than proud.

Author: Bloggeuse

Writer, editor and translator by trade. I’m interested in writing, books, photography, films, communication, language, feminism, grammar and humour. And probably some other things, too. I’m left-wing, vegetarian, pro-choice, UK-based and fond of spinach- and lentil-based curries. I love forests, cities at night, autumn, natural colours and bokeh.

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