A trio of fabulous flash

If you’re not already familiar with 1000 Words, there’s no time like the present: the site is home to some absolutely gorgeous flash fiction, all under 1,000 words in length.

Stories submitted to the site are based on photo prompts from 1000 Words’s Pinterest boards, which adds an interesting twist.

I thought I’d share three of the latest pieces on the site, simply because they’re so beautiful. So, without further ado:

Fresh Blood by Dovile Mark

Cordelia Holds Eddie’s Heart In Her Hands by Lindsay Fisher

Journey’s End by Catherine Connolly


Author: Bloggeuse

Writer, editor and translator by trade. I’m interested in writing, books, photography, films, communication, language, feminism, grammar and humour. And probably some other things, too. I’m left-wing, vegetarian, pro-choice, UK-based and fond of spinach- and lentil-based curries. I love forests, cities at night, autumn, natural colours and bokeh.

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