Meeting a mirror at midnight…

Based on a meeting with a mirror while in a sleep-addled state. Note: if a friend lends you a full-length mirror, do not – I repeat, not – leave it outside their door for them. Heart attacks are no joke, and there’s nothing more likely to bring one on than tricking some poor sleepy bugger into thinking that they’re standing outside their own door.

Meeting a mirror at midnight

Staying in bed would have been preferential
But an ache in the bladder remains influential
In decisions pertaining
As to whether remaining
Brings with it some problems potential

A foot on the floor is a move quintessential
To a trip to the loo in your place residential
So it was that I found me
The duvet around me
Making my trip consequential

A move to the door was the next step sequential
With lightning a-flashing and rainfall torrential
The alarms in my head
Loud and clearly had said
That this trip didn’t seem too prudential

Dread swept upon me at a rate exponential
I was glued to the spot by a fear pestilential
For outside my door
I was solo no more
And was faced with a fright existential.

Meeting myself, I was quite deferential,
But something ’til now that was kept confidential:
The state I was in
Sent a chill through my skin
And left a mess on the floor evidential.